monika sabo


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The Works PERSPECTIVES realized on 2021 is declined according to 2 ArtPrints.

Photographs by Monika Sabo.

Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta 315g is a 100 % cotton paper.

Its characteristics are truly unique; it posses remarkably optically denses black and fine image contrast.


The Art Print is placed/pre-fixed on a 1.6 mm cardboard and then "topped" with a 2.6 mm bevelled passe-partout.


The Work is Certified and Signed. Limited Edition (1/10).


Each ArtPrint (24.36 cm) is centered in the Passe-Partout double (40.50 cm).


This Art Work is carried out by a renowned Alicante (Spanish) Workshop and whose experience with many Artists, qualifies an exceptional signature!

...The artistic universe of the Slovak artist Monika Sabo is at the very least surprising or extraordinary.
Dreamlike or particularly realistic, it gathers, individuality, human crowd,..
Those are Singular-Plural Gaze which can express such, pain, love, passion as well as emotion, sadness and ... joy.
Original works with crucifying faces, the expressed words of Monika Sabo overwhelm and take us away.

For the artist, the unreality of dream, and thought, spring up in her works or gazes; portraits and bodies are but noisy cries, vectors of the ordinary or silence of the immortality!?....

6c Perspective 2021 , Watercolor, Ink on Paper 15.20 cm.jpg